Joining the dots between outer space and life on Earth

The ARIES project examines how space exploration shapes people’s imaginaries of living on this climate-changing planet


Planetary ethnography

A new approach for a global question

ARIES stands for Anthropological Research into the Imaginaries and Exploration of Space. The ethnographic methods we will use consist in getting involved in the societies that will be studied and gaining knowledge through observation and interviews from the inside. Planetary ethnography, covering many locations and social groups on Earth in a single study, has never been done before in the field of space exploration.


Multi-site and multi-scale

In-depth research on all continents

As ARIES researchers, we will travel around the world to many communities and locations of interest, to gather information about people’s imaginaries of life on this planet and beyond it, now and in the future. Space exploration affects us all in unequal ways, and through our journeys and workshops, the ARIES project will bring out contrasting and interconnected perspectives from local, national and international settings.


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